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Site's statement

Stroff ( is Singapore's top career guidance and jobs portal for young adults. The portal prides itself on "Building the Career Capital" of all jobseekers on the site. Stroff offers internships, part time jobs, full time jobs, graduate jobs, contract roles, freelance opportunities and temp/ad hoc positions. The portal has a state of the art I.T. platform, which is constantly being refined and improved on a daily basis. Stroff prides itself on the 5 "Connections", i.e. Connections to Jobs, Connections to Industry/Companies/Recruitment Firms, Connections to Career Resources, Connections to People/Mentors/Professionals/Industry Experts, and Connections to Events. Apart from applying to suitable job opportunities, you can network and interact with companies, and also sign up for useful career-enhancing events, connect with fellow professionals through its networking platform. Stroff offers fantastic career guidance and career discovery resources which are updated regularly.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Stroff is a job board for Singapore:

  • The language option of the site is English
  • The design of the site is very attractive and clear
  • On the homepage there is a list of recently publish job offers 
  • You can do a general search and then narrow down the results according to job category, salary, key word, and job contract type
  • The results have got a clear date of publication on them, however we can see that the results are not completely updated and recent. 

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Facebook Pages:

1. Main Page:

2. Internships Page: 

3. Part Time Jobs Page:

Latest innovations

1. Online Resume (where Jobseekers can fill in their Education, Career History, Skills and other fields)

2. Professional Networking Platform (where Jobseekers and Employers alike can share posts and latest updates, network, connect and interact with each other on this platform akin to social media)

3. Search Function (where Jobseekers can find fellow Jobseekers and Companies, and Companies can find suitable Jobseekers)

Aggregators &
Media Partners

1. Various Academic Institutions and Universities

2. Various Socia Media Platforms

3. News, PR and Media

4. Other Websites

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