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Established in 1999, has the brand presence, range of products and wide-variety of innovative solutions to deliver the ‘best’ candidates in one of Europe’s largest and most competitive talent markets. Our traffic continues to grow (by 100 % year-on-year), giving you access to 500,000 unique visitors every month, over 80,000 ‘live’ CV’s – and an expert team in the capital city, offering the best advice and guidance on recruiting right across Poland.

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Summary: In the world of job boards, Monster is, well, a monster of a job board. As some of you might know, Monster was sold to Randstad, an huge international staffing company, in 2016, which did not help the job site regain its leading position as hoped unfortunately. Instead, Monster continues to struggle to maintain its prestigious reputation but the new CEO, Scott Gutz, might be able to turn things around. For now, Monster Polska is not as popular as you might think (with about 479 800 visits per month) and they have abandoned their social media, like Twitter (no updates for months) and Facebook (no updates in over a year).

Design: Monster Polska has your typical  Monster layout, with the familiar purple monster as a backdrop. To look up jobs, there are four subsections: job by title, jobs by company (which does not work), jobs by location and jobs by industry. There is another selection to be made after so you cannot access the offers that easily. The search engine is in two parts (keywords and location). The company pages are long and sometimes include a map. The blog includes articles about Monster’s activity (guide to Monster) but none of the texts have a date. When you look up a job, the first offer opens automatically, and the others stay on the side. This makes it easy to scroll down and open them as if you were opening your emails.

The job board objective: Monster has always wanted to be number 1 in the job board world by having the most outreach and the best product. Unfortunately, their reign is declining.

Recruiter observations: The “For employers” button is handy: it leads to different package deals, but you will need to call the company for more information. As a recruiter, you do not really create an account as such until you have discussed your options. According to the website, they offer various services (like CV database access with 50 000 Polish CVs and 18 million in Europe, employer branding, etc.) and you can even get a moving backdrop for your job offers (like Zara). If you speak Polish, you can read their report on the market place to get a better idea of what the Polish workforce looks like. However,geo-localization is annoying for anyone recruiting overseas.

Jobseeker observations: Filling out your account doesn’t take too long and you can include the contract or visa you wish to obtain. However, you need to provide a desired job title, your last job and your last employer. To apply to jobs, the apply button is usually at the top of the offer and it’s easy to send in an application (when you aren’t redirected). On your account, you can keep a list of up to five CVs and/or cover letters (an example letter is provided for you to alter). CV visibility is also optional.

The job offers: The filters make it difficult to browse the companies or job offers. They provide CV advice which can help understand how to appeal to Polish recruiters.

Reactivity: They tell you how many people have left a message before you that day, but they do not respond very quickly.

Special features: Blog (in Polish); TalentBin; CV writing advice; CV visibility choices; cover letter examples.

Verdict: It’s rather annoying to have to pick the right keywords (with so suggestions) to actually get a list of job offers and it makes it difficult to know which jobs are in demand. The other problem is that Monster is an aggregator job board and they are always bound to work better in some countries than others. The local job boards are often more reactive and they have a design adapted to the country.

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Monsterpolska is present on the most famous social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter). Monsterpolska also organizes a Virtual Job Fair to connect job seekers with employers.

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