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At Axpert Jobs, we are committed to enhancing and expanding the human capital sector in India. We develop the labor market sector by linking the right people with the right jobs and we contribute to the growth of the human resource departments of all organizations by helping employers find the best people with the best skills - in record time and at the fraction of the original spend. 

We give employers and recruiters a chance to post jobs and access our readily available talent database for FREE!

Our platform is open to recruiters from various sectors and industries. Our talent pool comprises of prospective employees with diverse skill sets, varying level of experience and professional qualifications. Whether you are looking for entry-level employees who can grow with your organization or interested in more experienced employees with professional qualifications and experience needed to handle your top-level positions, Axpert Jobs has the answer to every need.

Talent Sourcing Just Got Easier
For employers looking to gain access to a readily available labor market, we have designed and developed various software to facilitate the process. This way, employers can enjoy faster results on smaller recruitment budgets.

Complete Process Management
From the time you post the job to the time you make your final selection, Axpert has got you covered. We have created a straightforward, simple and easy-to-use process to make recruitment a more enjoyable experience.

Explore the Opportunities
Why restrict your opportunities to a few jobs and a few industries when you can spread your net and increase your chances. Axpert Jobs gives you the needed advantage by matching your skills with jobs across a wide range of industries, regardless of your degrees and qualifications. We do not put our job seekers restricted and we never try to box their skills by restricting them to one or more industries. If your skills fit, you can be sure we will let you take your chances. For us, it is all about providing equal opportunities for all. The final decision to hire lies with the employer.

For Job Seekers:

For us at Axpert Jobs, the success of your job search is what validates us as the job portal of choice in India. To help you achieve your dream and land the next best job, we put your profile on blast to get you noticed by the right people and we bring the best jobs in India right to your fingertips.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Axpert Jobs is an Indian generalist job board

  • The layout could be improved but it is still fairly easy to find your way around
  • There are not many jobs but these are in a range of companies so there is lots of variation
  • The home page shows some featured adverts so if you are looking for more exposure this could be an option
  • Doing a quick search allows you to filter by location and industry, on the other hand a general search gives you even more ways to narrow down your options
  • The job posts are updated, recent and relevant to jobseekers

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Stay Informed
Axpert Jobs keeps you up to speed and in the loop by providing news and updates from all sectors. We give you market information round the clock and tell you of upcoming events in the India Job market. We also ensure that we inform you of these happenings, news and events as they occur. This way, you are not left behind or kept in the dark; all these increase your chances and opportunities and gives you that extra leverage you need to reach the employer in record time.

Our Marketing activities for this year are PPC & Social Media.

Latest innovations

Applicant Tracker
Know and keep up with every application that comes in for your job posting using our Applicant Tracker. With this, you can sieve through all received applications speedily and Carry out your shortlisting in lesser time. The Applicant Tracker saves you the stress of paperwork and eliminates the issue of unnecessary overload of unqualified applications. Only the qualified get through to the application stage.

For Job seekers we are planning to introduce an Android App.

The Quickfinder is our advanced search engine for employers who would rather headhunt for applicants instead of following the job posting route. The Quickfinder lets you find prospective employers quickly using a few keywords. It arranges jobs per industry, sub-sector and job titles to make the talent sourcing process as smooth as possible.

Aggregators &
Media Partners

We are currently partnering with many High PR websites related to Employment & Recruitment. 

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